Reformation Day - 500 Years!


Reformation Day - 500 Years!

This year Lutheran schools and churches around the world celebrated 500 years of Reformation!  This year marks 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the Wittenburg Castle Church, which began a revolution. Through Luther, we rediscovered that we are saved through grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ - no amount of good works can save us.

Sunshine Christian School celebrated this day with a special Reformation assembly which explored what Luther stood for.  We gave thanks for his revelations of the 'solas': scripture alone, faith alone, grace alone and Christ alone.  Each student traced their hand, and together we made a beautiful artwork out of Luther's Rose which helps us to remember what he taught us!

Black cross: for faith in Christ crucified

Red heart: for faith in our Saviour

White rose: to show that faith gives joy, comfort and peace

Blue sky: joy of faith in the Spirit is the beginning of heavenly joy to come

Gold ring: our joy in heaven lasts forever and has no end

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