Student Leaders 2017


Student Leaders 2017

On Monday 13 February, student leaders were announced in our worship assembly. Our special guest, Mayor of Brimbank John Hedditch, assisted  the presentation of the leadership badges. The Mayor spoke of the importance of leadership and was impressed with our student leaders. We look forward to his offer of using the Council Chambers in Sunshine to conduct a student leader meeting. 

Congratulations also go to all of the students who applied for leadership positions. All students made excellent speeches to their fellow students about their vision for leadership.  We look forward to seeing the plans and goals of our student leaders turn into reality this year.

Special thanks to Ms Michelle Clarke and Mr Damian Pietsch for organising the election of our student leaders. 

School Captains:  Sienna  and Eric 

Class representative for student council in Grade 6: Cheyenne 

Peer mediation coordinator: Cynthia 

Burgundy House Captains: Annie  and Solomon 

Gold House Captains: Trish  and Elijah 


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